Engineering department

Engineering industries are indispensable in all industrial fields. It is one of the most important factors to establish any company list and here comes the role of Top Maker as an industrial company for the engineering industries and domestic appliances in the establishment and meet the needs of factories in terms of manufacturing production lines fully manufactured in Egypt. Where the company was established as a manufacturer of production lines in 2003

It is one of the leading companies in:
• Manufacturing production lines for the manufacture of domestic appliances
• Manufacturing special machines and molds for all products
• Manufacture of non-conventional spare parts
• Fabrication of metal forming molds.

The company provides the latest manufacturing techniques of machines and equipment with high accuracy.
– The company provides professional technicians in the field of design and manufacturing of high-efficiency in this area.
some of the most important works of Top Maker in the field of manufacturing machines and scaffolding: –

  • Pipe bending machine (different sizes)
  • Colt for editing and bending the surface of the cooker surface 60 * 60 cm.

The surface of gas stove
The machine is:

  1. Cut the surface of the potage after leaving the drum, drawing from the piston and let you to the measurements of the following 60 * 60, 80 * 60,60 * 90
  2. The internal work of the surface of the pot h Jazz during cutting.
  3. It can be added to the machine to also cut the dish heater after the work of drawing on the piston.
  • Drawings of pulling, cutting and punching of 90%
  • v Stimulated crochet bagels of the model size 60 * 80, cm 60 * 60
  • v A machine for running pipes in different forms such as towing the pipe from a certain diameter to a smaller one and vice versa, Flair’s work for pipes of different sizes
  • v Pipe bending machine
  • The possibility of different angles and different angles and different sizes between each adaptation and the other with the possibility of changing the angles through the screen.
  • A special machine for the operation of the boiler of the electric heater in different forms, the possibility of operation of different models from 40 to 80 liters
  • v piston hydraulics 30 tons size of mattresses 400 * 600 mm, motion path 200 mm, possibility to control the length of the path, the possibility of pressure control up to 200P
  • v A special machine for the manufacture of the feathers with the possibility of changing sizes and pipe diameters easily
  • v Automatic electric cylinder production line (4 stages)
    v Pinches and lightening the electric heater cylinder all models from 40 liters to 120 liters
  • v Cutting and draining the outer plate of the electric heater automatically, the possibility of changing the sizes according to the models from 40 liters to 120 liters