Our Target

Top Maker be one of the top home appliances companies in the world.

Our message

  • Providing safe, economical and innovative home appliances through our employees and investments to achieve the aspirations of all our life-partners.
  • Achieve the highest continuous growth through technological industrial design and innovation to provide economic and secure equipments with maximum effort of employees to reach excellence through a safe working environment and ensure customer satisfaction to maximize return.

Our Values

Integrity & transparency

Everything we do is open to the highest ethical and professional standards as a company and individuals.

Serving our customers

Our commitment to meet all the needs of our customers to provide services beyond their expectations and requirements.


Always strive to maximize and develop our capabilities to develop our business and maximize the capabilities of our employees.


Follow-up the world's leading technologies in the field of home appliances and manufacturing processes for a bright tomorrow.


Perform our work with flexibility, confidence and high efficiency.

The quality

Application of the highest standards of quality and excellence in the product.

Cooperation & participation

Teamwork & knowledge sharing.

Protection & Environment

Our principle is to support the green economy, which preserves the environment, which in turn is reflected on the society and the company is keen to help build and support it.