Top Maker is an Egyptian company established in 2003 as a manufacturer of production lines and heavy equipment for all fields in the local markets with the most modern and simple methods of modern development and then in 2005 began to manufacture the production lines of home appliances of all kinds and their accessories, derived from Italian and German expertise in all manufacturing processes High efficiency and continuous development of high-speed technology to manufacture the production lines of domestic appliances for local Egyptian companies, such as production lines of gas stove , chest freezer , gas and electric heaters to help them compete in the local markets distinguished in the quality of equipment and machinery Products.

Hence, the beginning of the manufacture of home appliances under the name of Top Maker in 2013 to be the beginning of competition in the local market with high quality products represented by the experience inherited from the expertise and competencies of this field in more than 15 years until we got to produce more than 50 models of high quality using Italian technology And the attractive design to satisfy all tastes throughout the Egyptian markets in addition to the modern technology used in all models to save energy, making them fit with the environment and daily life to facilitate life together through management and system aimed at a better tomorrow.